our story is simple

we love sports and happen to be finance guys with decades of combined experience within the financial derivatives markets. we found that there isn't a great way for someone to "invest" in their sports knowledge so we founded Sportto, a sports betting trading platform.  

we are in the early stages but our approach to sports betting is to structure a bet like a standardized financial trading instrument (like stock, options or futures). playing on Sportto is like buying and selling stock within a company, but instead, you are buying and selling “stock” in a team or player to achieve a specific outcome like winning the Super Bowl or NBA MVP.


what can you do? 

sell your bet

we see a bet as a tradable asset that has value even before an outcome is determined. want to get out of a bet for a profit or to reduce a loss? sell it to another party. 

take a bet

the ability to take a bet adds a compelling dynamic to sports betting. with Sportto, take bets on outcomes you think are not going to happen.

buy low, sell high

ever thought the current odds were too favorable and you expect that they will change? play the game within the game and take advantage of the movement in the odds.

why play with Sportto?


find a bet. choose to buy or sell "stock" in that bet. enter quantity. get confirmation. you're all set!


you can choose to bet against your friends and family or anyone in the market. it’s up to you.

stay informed

get notified when sports news breaks. make informed bets.